Best Food to Eat on Diwali 2019

Diwali, is the famous festival India which is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs in india   When  we  discuss about Diwali .  The first thing that comes our mind that is  the food . Be it sweets or snacks; every household in the country, which celebrates the Festival of Lights, invests ample time and energy in preparing mouth watering delicacies for the day.

Why Sikh Celebrate Diwali?

Shri Krishna Janmashtiami 2019 Date & Time

We pick some of the most famous Diwali recipes to help you decide what to treat your friends and family to this year.  You can  Choose from a variety of sweets and snacks to make your Diwali 2019 a memorable one.

Kanji for Diwali 2019 | Best Food to Eat on Diwali 2019

You and your family will need Kanji after eating after eating in Deepawali. Kanji can make kanji of mungdal pakode, make kanji of carrot or by making ordinary kanji, you can serve it by adding boiled tomatoes. After eating and after eating, there is nothing better than Kanji to keep the stomach right.

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Laddo for Diwali 2019

Laddo is made of Mawa or Besan etc., there is no response to it gram flour can be made in traditional manner or in gram flour. Other laddus should be made of saffron cream, laddus laddus, urad dal laddus, flour gum laddu, mawa ki ladoo , gum ki ladoo, soya bean ki laddu, coconut laddus, linseed pinni, chomma laddu Can.

jalabis for Diwali 2019

You can also make jalabis on the feast. You can make a traditional jalebi by raising yeast, or no-yeast jalebi raising yeast. If you want, then you can make paneer jalebi or Mawa water. You can make all kinds of jalebi with all the jalabis

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Barfi and padas for Diwali 2019

On Deepawali, we can also make mawa padas, Mathura peds, saffron peas, Til mawa peda in the trees made from Mawa. If you want to make barfi, Chocolate Barfi or Milk Chocolate is a double layer Barfi, Mysore Pak, Mawa Barfi in general or Mawa Barfi in the microwave, Besan Barfi, Ornamental art, or art form which can be prepared quickly,

Samosa – Kachori for Diwali 2019

To make samosas, create traditional apple-frozen samosas or Chinese samosas of samosas, royal samosas, sweet mava samosas, or more shelf-life murongadal,

Pitru puja during shradh 2019

Karva Chauth 2019 Date and Muhurat

In the trash we can make potato kachouri, crispy kachauri of urad dal, gram flour, chapati, or super-flavored Raj kachori.

So these are the some dishes which you can prepare easily with less time. Without sweets and snacks we cannot enjoy any moments enjoy diwali with delicious foods and happiness “happy diwali to all”

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