Diwali shopping List for 2019

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is the most important festival of India.This festival greatness the defeating evil and victory of the gratness.
, For many of us, Diwali is the perfect time to modify our home and with a  new refreshing look. it is the time for  gift our loved ones. Diwali is the time to celebrate all the happiness and forget all the sadness. , Diwali is the time to shop as well!!!.

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However, prices of most of the things go up during this season. So, we must be careful about what we should pick up. The list given below will will help you in perfect shopping guide. These are the ‘haves’ in your Diwali shopping list.

Clothes Shopping for 2019 | Diwali shopping List for 2019

Wearing new clothes will increase brightness of the festival. Shop for tradition clothes, so that the traditional look can be maintained. You can plan and do the shopping before a month  to Diwali in order to save yourself from shelling out lot of money towards shopping

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Gifts Shopping for 2019 Diwali

It is the time in the year  when you can gift your family, friends and loved ones without any reason. These are some of the common Diwali gifts are: clothes, sweets, dry fruits, greeting cards, Diwali candles, diyas, gold and/or silver coins, dairies  and so on.

Home accessories for Shopping for 2019 Diwali

you must have buy some  home decoration accessories for Deepawali are: rangoli powder, diyas, bandanwar (door hangings), flowers, lights etc.

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Puja Thali for Shopping for 2019 Diwali

This item is very necceary  for all the days of Diwali. So make sure that to buy all the things that are needed to complete in the Puja Thali. These are: kalash, sandalwood paste,  agarbatti, betel leaves, betel, coconut, diyas,  kapoor etc.

Cracker Shopping for 2019 Diwali

We all love to celebrate Diwali by bursting crackers. However we know that they affects our environment very badly  . So this Diwali, make sure to buy eco friendly crackers which retain the festive feel without causing harm to the environment.

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If you  keep in mind all these tips , you are sure to have with lot of joys

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