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Dussehra 2019, celebrated in the name of Vijaydeshmi, is celebrated with great joy every year throughout India by Hindu religion. It falls 20 days before the month of September or October of Deepawali every year. This festival is celebrated in the joy of Ram’s victory over the demon king Ravana.

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The festival of Dussehra 2019 is celebrated in the form of a symbol of victory over evil. Dussehra 2019 is being celebrated on the day the Lord Rama killed Ravana. This practice has been practiced since ancient times.

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Wishes & quotes for Dussehra 2019 Festival 2019

  • May your problems crack away like the fireworks and your happiness be multiple hundred times. Happy Dussehra 2019!
  • Celebrate the victory of the force of good over Evil.
  • Let’s celebrate golden day to begin with new things in life. Happy Dussehra 2019!
  • “Destruction of evils. All should be developed.”
  • May this Dussehra 2019 brings lots of happiness and prosperity in your life “happy Dussehra 2019”
  • On this auspicious day May Goddess Durga Maa bless you and your family with all pleasures. Happy Vijayadasami!
  • In your life, the fair of happiness, Any confusion in your life Your home is always living in happiness,
    Wish you a very happy Dussehra 2019

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  • Truth has so much power, which gives happiness and only happiness to you.
    Happy Dussehra 2019
  • May God bless you with all success on this auspicious occasion of Dussehra 2019, and may you be capable of beat all evils of your life. Happy Dussehra 2019 to you and your family!
  • May all the problems in your life burn along with the statue of Ravna. May you be successful and happy ever! Happy Dussehra 2019
  • may lord ram give u lots of happiness and prosperity in your life and may yours all wishes come true “happy Dussehra 2019”

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We should not only celebrate our festivals in a traditional way, but should follow our ideals and adapt our lives. We should strive to be like Mother Durga, just as they did great things for welfare, so should we always be ready to serve people.

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