Happy Diwali 2019 wishes for best friend

Send these special Happy Diwali messages, wishes and quotations 2019 for all the people out there who are important in your life. Sometimes, friends are more valuable than your family. They do much more than what your family can.

Therefore, they deserve the best greetings on the occasion of Diwali along with some chocolates and small gifts. Diwali best wishes for friends are all about more celebration and togetherness.

diwali sms

Diwali sms in English | Happy Diwali messages, wishes and quotations 2019

Materialism has nothing to do with friendship and love. You don’t need to make the occasion lavish or luxurious. Sometime, sending a very little amount of money is enough to bring out the hidden happiness in the heart. It is the love of the people around you more than materialism that matters.

So on this festival, get in touch with the real people and real friends to feel genuinely happy. Forward these valuable happy Diwali messages 2019 and receive excellent response from the ones who value you. A simple message carries a lot many hidden meanings. Therefore do not hold your heart back and say it all openly.

enjoy the festival of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh for receiving their choicest blessings. Enjoy Diwali the festival of prosperity, love and luck.

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Happy Diwali messages, wishes and quotations 2019

You can also find out the Diwali images on the same page to send them to your important contacts. With Diwali images, you express your feelings better. It is said that a single imagery is far better than 1 million words. Images have more power to convey the messages. Therefore, more than written or textual messages, people prefer sending messages in form of Diwali images.

  • I pray that your heart always remains filled with happiness and contentment so that no troubles in the life matter to you. I pray that you always have the power and wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong. Sending Diwali wishes to you on the happy festival.
  • I pray that your problem get divided and joy multiply manifold. I pray that your enthusiasm heightens upto success and you are able to spend great time with your loved ones and family members.
  • I pray that you receive all the gift and spirit of festivity from the lord above. I wish that you enjoy the lovely festival and indulge in awesome celebration. I wish that you always have a wealthy and successful Diwali.

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Diwali wishes 2019 quotes

On the occasion of Diwali, it is more important to develop respect for one another than buying precious gifts and sending lot of money. Diwali is the festival of love afterall. We should make an attempt to celebrate it in an eco friendly manner and not to waste our resources. Actual meaning of Diwali is to become a better person and to leave the bad deeds forever.

The festival warmth is Best Felt with the love of near and dear ones. Praise of the lord about who gives better health and prosperity more than anything else. Demand for more energy so that you can work harder to achieve the goals of your life. Do not cry But ask for more strength to bear the atrocity. Enjoy Diwali with a different approach and positivity.

Happy Diwali messages , wishes and quotations 2019

  • celebrating Diwali with the deepest feelings in my heart for you my dear love. I pray that you always remain successful and spend wonderful moments with the most important people in your life. Enjoy Diwali
  • I wish that you enjoy the festival of Diwali with the warm wishes and blessing in your heart. A simple Diwali text is to make you realise that you are as special as the occasion itself for me. Remain blessed enjoy Diwali
  • To the sweetest friend who deserves all the prosperity and good luck . I pray that you enjoy very the very blessed festival of Diwali and remember me for at least few moments.

So you are we put an end to our collection on Diwali that had a variety of messages for the love of your life. Hopefully, you would like to pick up a meaningful sample from our collection and send the same to your friend and girlfriend.

diwali wishes 2019 quotes

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