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Happy Diwali wishes for everyone is definitely important exaggerate the feeling of festivity. The five days celebration of Diwali is carried in countries like India, Singapore, Nepal and Malaysia. Places where large communities of Hindus live, people do not take a backseat from the festive celebration and forwarding Happy Diwali wishes for everyone.

Even the foreign lands like Newzealand, Britain, Canada and South Africa organization festivals on the eve of Diwali. Just similar to Christmas, Diwali is taken as an important event. Besides Hindus, sikh, Jain and Buddhist community celebrate diwali with lots of light and celebration.

Happy Diwali wishes for everyone

Scientifically, the term Diwali means lighting lamp in a row. Therefore, the celebration of Diwali particularly marks lighting diyas and decorating places with candles and varieties of such thing.

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Falling on the full moon day, Diwali also bring the festival of Dhanteras which welcomes Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. Diwali is a festival of prosperity and happiness. People burn lamp in order to keep Lord Of Death away and to welcome liveliness on Diwali .

Happy diwali sms in english

  • Let us make our belief on almighty stronger on this Diwali and prepare wholeheartedly for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi. Let us get involved in creating better surroundings and begin with the preparations right in the morning of Diwali. Happy Diwali
  • The spirit of Diwali is always there with you no matter where you stay and what you do. Being a part of Hindu community, almighty would never forget to get his blessings. The elders and the lord above give special regards on the occasion of Diwali. To let us for our hands and pray wholeheartedly for a minute or two. Wishing you a very happy Diwali

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On the fourth night of Deepavali, people celebrate Padava in which Lord Krishna uplifted Govardhanmountain on a finger. The last day is celebrated as BhaiDooj in which sisters put red Tilak on the forehead of their brothers and ask for their longer life from the lord above. In return, brothers give gift and blessings to their little sister.

It is quite common for people to go for shopping and dinner on Diwali. People buy a lot of ornaments, utensils and home decor items for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi. They clean their homes and get rid of all the unnecessary elements that can give a the appearance to the home. Also, some of the people draw footprints of Goddess Lakshmi using vermilion powder and Rangoli. Arrival of Goddess Lakshmi is much awaited on such occasions.

deepavali wishes quotes

  • Celebrating the greatest festival of the year with great people and greater thoughts. Wishing for your progress and prosperity by sincerely brain for you. wishing you a very happy Diwali
  • Let the Diya and candles blow to spread knowledge and contentment everywhere. Let togetherness and happiness prosper everywhere because it is Diwali.

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People use traditional motif, LED lights garland and wall hangings for creating a welcoming home. Arrival of Goddess Lakshmi is directly taken as welcoming of prosperity at home. Therefore, people also choose to create a variety of Rangoli to create a positive aura in the home and attract Goddess Lakshmi.

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  • There is no other time to say thank you apart from Diwali. Diwali is the best time when we should count our blessings and forget the bad moments ever faced in our life. Just like Lord Ram came back home and celebrated it all without any negative feeling in heart, we humans should welcome the happiness of the festival and not pay any attention to the people who are bad mouthing. Celebrate happy Diwali khushiyowali

Deepavali 2019 quotes

Every night of Diwali witnesses lighting of lamp that symbolises knowledge and subduing of Evil. It is believed that lighting lamps on Diwali Encounters ignorance and darkness forever.

People also light candles and Fireworks for creating a connection with the almighty. It is believed that loud sounds of crackers shall reach heaven and in return one would be blessed