Happy Diwali and Happy New Year

  • I pray to the lord above that your troubles are lighter than air and love is deeper than the ocean. May the Goddess of wealth give you success Brighter Than gold and atrocities smaller than the mouse of God Ganesh. Wishing you a very happy evening of Diwali
  • I pray that Lord Ram illuminate your inner light and give you a heart that Shine. I wish that you withdraw your senses from the negativity and divert your mind towards the positivity and success. I wish that you enjoy this Deepavali with an illuminated soul and mind.
  • The lord above is the one who analyses of all and give us your words according to our deeds. Diwali is the best time when we must enlighten our inner self and initiate positive gestures for receiving maximum blessings from almighty.

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  • I wish that the Lord keep us miles away from untruth and darkness. On this Diwali, let us pray that Goddess Lakshmi give us true realisation and goodness. Enjoy your special day of Diwali
  • Simply draw yourself in the world of negativity and enjoy the gleam of Diya and candle throughout. Enjoy Supreme Deepavali with your family and loved ones.

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Since our childhood, we have been taught to celebrate the occasion of Diwali by wearing both clothes and worshipping almighty. The trend still continues in 2019 and we all are wholely dedicated in asking for the benevolent blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh.

The good wishes of Diwali and Happy New Years help us to receive plenty of prosperity and happiness. The name of our relatives and loved ones flashing on our screen on such occasions make the did more meaningful. The significance of Diwali is all about Subduing in darkness and evilness from our heart and soul.

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It is an occasion when we all should fill our mind with festive celebration and forgive everybody wholeheartedly. With so many festivals arriving and departing, Diwali has is a special place in our hearts. It is the only festival when people illuminate lamp and encounter the slumber of ignorant.

The festival compels us to seek goodness and to become better humans in our life. Cheers to the festival of light and illumination.

diwali wishes quotes

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  • As we see that the sky is full of Fireworks and stars, it is the best time when we should feed one another with sweets and Happy feelings. Let us fill our heart with enjoyment and create the sweetest memories in 2019 Diwali
  • praying from the Lord Of Heaven to give you internal illumination and spiritual wealth. I wish that you prosper gloriously and overcome the materialistic attractions on this Diwali. Happy Diwali enjoy the festival gloriously

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  • Diwali and New Year all the best opportunities when we should dump negativity and move towards the better in life. Just like we try to forget everything bad on the evening of 31st and movers a positive life from the 1st January onwards, Diwali is exactly an opportunity when we should restart a better life. Happy Diwali
  • Diwali gift a special sweets and festive flavour. The noise of crackers spread all over the Earth and fill up the atmosphere with brightness and cheers. The festival of colours and love should blast away all our sorrows and give us more happiness. Happy Diwali

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Happy diwali sms in english

  • The sweets of Diwali fill up our life with sweetness and happiness. The noise of crackers make us forget The Sorrows and atrocities of life. Let us celebrate diwali throughout the year

Just as the holy occasion of Diwali approaches, let us hope that the beauty of the festival give us more contentment and sparkling life ahead. Simply remember the lord Above and forget the worries of life at least for this occasion. Do not spoil your today for the sake of tomorrow or yesterday. Get together with your loved ones and enjoy mouthful sweet and Housefull of diyas.