Happy Diwali sms in English

  • Here I am wishing you bright lights of Diwali that guide you towards success and give Streak of happiness eternally. Happy Diwali
  • I pray that you prosper as we celebrate, I wish that the flaming Sparks

of Diwali guide you towards success and keep you happy always.

  • Celebrating the festival of happiness in 2019. Wishing you continued success and more wisdom from the almighty about. Happy Diwali to all

diwali sms

Shubh diwali 2019

  • The elements of Diwali are bringers of joy, wisdom and good health. Make sure that you pray wholeheartedly from goddess Laxmi this year so that you achieve all the good things mentioned here. Happy Diwali
  • I pray that the lights of Diwali give you happy mind and Soul. I wish that you defeat the devil and become more empowered every day. Praying for your success and empowerment from Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh on this diwali. Happy diwali

Happy Diwali wishes 2019

  • I pray that you always remain away from war, disputes and trial of life. May Almighty be your guiding light and Happy Diwali provides choicest blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Diwali is the best time and you should be joyful and cheer in life. People celebrate the divinity of the festival by enjoying the prosperity blessed by the almighty in their life. So do not hold yourself back no matter what the reason is, enjoy the festival and welcome it all with open arms. happy Diwali

diwali wishes in hindi

Happy Deepavali 2019

  • The festival of Diwali is not less than a guiding light that channelises us towards the Zenith of success. I wish that the festival of Diwali keeps you forever happy and free from troubles. May the choicest blessings of Goddess Lakshmi make you stronger and happy always. Happy Diwali
  • I pray that the beginning of the Holi festival is commencement of new life and prosperity for you. I wished that this Diwali brings you contentment and eternal satisfactions so that you remain peaceful and happy in all circumstances. Happy Diwali
  • If you have been facing darkness up till now, I pray that Almighty voids it away and fill your life with endless sparkles and guiding light. I pray that your life is full of harmony, success and goodness. Happy Diwali, May you deceive the darkness.

Happy Diwali wishes 2019

We have not ended our collection here, the below mentioned section comprises of more happy Diwali messages and greetings that you can Cut and copy paste on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media website. You can also choose to write down these messages on Diwali cards that are handmade or purchased from shops.

diwali wishes 2019 quotes

Wish you happy diwali message

  • Diwali is a feel that give us lavish means, festive activities, colourful garland and much more. I pray that the elements of Diwali keep you wonderfully blessed and happy. Never forget to thanks the creator of the world and stay blessed with the choices blessing the filters. Happy Diwali
  • Celebrating the festival of light with countless alarm and illuminating diya. I pray that all these give you endless joy and empowerment. Happy Diwali
  • Since, Diwali is here, it is the time when we must celebrate it all with joyfulness and happiness. The guiding light of Diwali would certainly grant you prosperity and choicest blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali wishes 2019

You can always make the best use of this Diwali quotations and spread the spirit and happiness of the festival throughout. The original collection of Happy Diwali wishes 2019 can be hand written on greeting cards or simply forwarded digitally. With millions of lamps illuminating all over the world, Diwali is the festival of pure joy and happiness. The festive celebration becomes manifold better when we receive Greetings from our near and dear ones. The Emptiness is voided and happiness touches our mind and soul.

diwali 2019 wishes in English

  • I pray that you get the guiding light inside you that gives you a better understanding about life prospects. I pray that as you celebrate 2019 Diwali, almighty give you more wisdom and power to differentiate between the correct and incorrect. Happy Diwali 2019

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