Happy Dussehra 2019 wishes

Dussehra is also known as Vidyadasmi the festival of falling on 10th day of navratra. Normally farmer the shadow Falls somewhere in this month of my brother every year. It is believed that Goddess Durga becomes victorious on the demon Mahishasura after fighting for full nine nights. Also, the festival is it celebrated for marking the victory of Lord Rama in killing Ravana.

Ravana kidnapped Sita the wife of Lord Rama. The festival of Dussehra is particularly celebrated in India and Nepal. People meet their loved ones and relatives for enjoying the festive feel and marking the importance of the occasion.

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Happy Dussehra wishes in English

  • I pray that the festival of Dussehra give you more strength and courage. I wish that you follow the path and forget all the bad things and negativity of life. I wish that you get more courage . enjoy Dussehra
  • Dussehra is a festival of Slender, happiness, riches and abundance. It is the joyful occasion when you get showered with the good health and success from the lord above. Enjoy Happy Dussehra

Happy diwali best quotes

  • The sunrise taken place every day gives us the message of goodness and subduing of Evil night. Similarly, the festival of Dussehra remind us about the rule that goodness wins and evilness subdues.
  • Dussehra is the time for celebration and appreciating the power of goodness. Remembering Lord Ram on the occasion and playing for more strength from him.

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Happy Dussehra wishes in English

  • About the occasion of Dussehra give you more success and happiness. May you become more capable of defeating Evil and learn to differentiate between right and wrong. Enjoy Dussehra soulfully
  • I pray that this Dussehra help in encountering your troubles and keeping your love as deep as ocean. I wish that almighty give you all the blessings from above and your success becomes brighter than the gold. enjoy Dussehra
  • The official festival of Dussehra particularly begins with good work and happy feeling. I pray that day clear all the problems of your life and gives you a new start and new beginnings.

Happy Dussehra wishes in English

  • I will start the colourful festival of Dussehra give you blessings and beauty of life. I wish that you get more strength and power to conquer the evil and choose the correct path.
  • Let us begin the celebration of Dussehra by conquering greediness, anger, materialism and ego. Let us take a pledge to choose a path of Glory and prosperity. Let us celebrate happy Dussehra
  • I pray that this Dussehra give you dreams, smile, happiness and contentment. I pray that the candle flame keep your confidence as high as mountain and every sunshine falling upon your face give you power to fight with darkness of life.
  • I pray that the festival of Dussehra fills up your life with happy fragrance and Glory. Wishing you more prosperity for my health and goodness on Dussehra.

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Happy diwali quotes wishes English

Dussehra 2019 wishes in English should be forwarded to one another on auspicious day. People normally look out for quotation, messages and greetings enjoy the festival with their friends and family. You can also choose to post the messages on Facebook and social media walls by tagging your friends .

Happy diwali best quotes

  • Let us enjoy this Dussehra together and ditch the digital world. Let us enjoy the physical presence of our loved ones instead of trying to remain in contact with them digitally. Let’s make this Dussehra really special.
  • Celebrating things is traditionally have their own fun. Therefore, on this Dussehra physically wish Each Other instead of using the digital medium to greet. Do not let the memories fade away but nurture them eternally. Enjoy Dussehra
  • Dussehra represents the victory of goodness. It is the festival which teaches us that isn’t Lord Ram hard to face atrocities in life and he regained strength to fight with them. We humans should never get disheartened when life gives us trouble. Dussehra inspires us to together strength and answer the atrocities with more power. Enjoy Dussehra