Happy New Year 2019 wishes for grandparents

Grandparents are the biggest blessings that one can ever receive from the Lord. Imagine getting intensified love along with lots of goodies from someone who is triple as your age. Your grandparents feel the best when you greet them on the special occasions. Happy Diwali 2019 wishes for elders on this page would help you to find out some of the most relevant Diwali wishes for your beloved grandparents.

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Happy diwali ki shubhkamnaye

Our collection is truly unique and interesting. We have not used repeated Diwali wishes on this page. Our heartfelt messages are always appreciated by the youngsters. Have a look at the samples below –

Diwali festival greetings messages

  • I enjoy the Diwali all because I have little children in form of my grandparents. Happy Diwali my lovely grandmother
  • Every house that doesn’t have a grandmother is incomplete. Diwali is the festival when we particularly take the help of elders in knowing the rituals and adoring our culture. Enjoying this Diwali more with grandma

Happy Dhanteras wishes in English and Hindi

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The beautiful occasion of lighting, tasty sweets loveliest delicacies illuminate the entire Indian subcontinent. People are busy decorating their home and lighting Diya for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi and keeping Yamraj away. Diwali is the festival when people normally forward warm greetings with thoughtful quotations and happy messages.

the joyful messages intensify the happiness of the occasion. The received text messages give us one more reason to smile and remain happy. So let us relish the festival of Health and happiness. Let us enjoy every moment of Diwali and beautiful season by feeling it from the bottom of heart.

Happy Diwali 2019 wishes for elders

  • Diwali is the auspicious occasion full of warm wishes and divine power. It is the day when Almighty provide us more happiness and prosperity if we remember our elders from the bottom of our heart. On this Diwali instead of indulging in worthless activities, let us spend time with our elders to receive double blessings from lord Above and Lord present in form of grandparents. Enjoy Diwali
  • I pray that the divine our blesses you grandma. You have always be our protector and Savior. you are the best friend that he could ever get from almighty. More than the parents, I have received love from you. Happy Diwali grandma

diwali wishes quotes

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Even if elders are unable to express their love, they have it all in their heart. Grandparents are just like little babies who are very sensitive but cannot their feelings openly. It is our duty to make them feel special and wanted on the big occasions like Diwali. Never let your grandparents feel secluded and lonely. Follow what they have to say even if you don’t like something about them, ignore it in a subtle way. Not everybody is lucky enough to get grandparents. Therefore, we all should make efforts to make them happy and feel Wanted.

  • I pray that you have a sparkling Diwali all time grandmother with grandfather. Have fun and take care of your health. enjoy Diwali

Your grandparents are really special in their own way. They are little kids who have nothing but pure love for you in their heart. You cannot invest much for your grandparents, at least spend some time with them and help them to realise that you care for them. Occasions are nothing for elders if their children do not value them.

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Happy Diwali 2019 wishes for elders

Love your elders on this Diwali and buy them something that the light. Even a small packet of ice cream would cheer them up. You can also write a letter to your grandparents if you cannot meet them personally. Celebrate the occasion of Diwali with your elders and give some extra care for them if they are not well.

Avoid using firecrackers as they create a lot of noise and disturb elders. Pay a visit to orphanage, & old age homes to do some Noble deeds. Celebrate the occasions with young children and deprived elderly so that they feel Wanted.