Shri Krishna Janmashtiami 2019 Date & Time

According to Hindu religion, Lord Vishnu’s full moon is considered as Lord Krishna and he is worshiped. It is believed that Lord Krishna has passed through all the chakras of human life (i.e. birth, death, mourning, happiness etc.), that is why they are called full-moon.

According to the future Purana, on the date of Ashtami (Janmashtami) of the Krishna side of Bhadrapad month, Lord Krishna was born in the Rohini Nakshatra on midnight. The birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami.

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Janmashtami is on 24 august in the year 2019

When is Janmashtami celebrated?
Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in Bhadrapad on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha. This time this festival falls on august 24 . Many people  Fasting all day after fasting on fasting day, bath etc., fasting is done on Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami date.

The passage of the fast is done after the birth of Lord Krishna in the Rohini Nakshatra. It is arguably the most unique tradition to celebrate any fasting and birth festival in Hinduism, when the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated with pomp.

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 Shari Krishna Janmastmi 2019 Date and time

Nishith Puja Muhurat:
24:01:33 to 24:45:46
Period :
0 hours 44 minutes
Janmashtami Paratha Muhurat:
05:54:46 after 25th on August

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Janmashtami fast and worship method

1. Fasting of Ashtami in this vow is the fulfillment of fasting from the worship of Puja and Navami.
2. The person who performs this fast should take a light and sattvik meal a day before the fast (Saptami). Keep the night away from the woman and keep the mind and the senses from all sides.
3. On the day of fasting, sit down to the east and answer by saluting all the deities by withdrawing from the bath.
4. By taking water, fruit and flowers in hand, resolve and after shaking the water of black sesame seeds (sprinkling) at midday and making maternity homes for Devaki ji. Now, laying a beautiful bed in this zodiac house, establish auspicious urn on it.
5. Also, establish a statue or beautiful image of Mother Devaki Ji, breast-feeding to Lord Shri Krishna. In worship, Devaki, Vasudev, Baldev, Nand, Yashoda and Lakshmi ji worship the names of all these respectively and worship them duly practically.
6. This fast is opened only after twelve o’clock in the night. The grain is not used in this fast. In the form of fruits, pottage flour of pottu flour, snowflake of Mawa and pudding of roasted roam is made.

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