Why Sikh Celebrate Diwali?

Special day for the Sikhs- On this day all the Sikhs are invited to receive their third Guru Amar Das’s Arshivai. In 1577, this was the foundation stone of the Golden Temple, and in addition to 1619, on the day of Kartik Amavasya, Sixth Guru Hargobind Singh ji was released from jail.

Why Sikh Celebrate Diwali?

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CaptureĀ  GuruĀ  Ji in the Fort

In the Sikh religion, the sixth guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the Mughal emperor Jehangir of that time captured Guru Ji in the fort of Gwalior. Because Guru ji was a guru, he started doing kirtan both in jail even in jail.
Guruji was in jail and at that time how his devotees would sit in peace. To release Guru ji, a group of Sikhs, Shri Akal went to Takht Sahib with Aradas and headed for Baba Budha Ji, to lead the fort of Gwalior. When it reached the fort of Gwalior, they were not even allowed to meet Guru Ji, which resulted in more anger among the Sikhs.

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Released from jail

After this, Sai Mia Mir ji spoke to Jahangir for redemption, in which he was successful.
But Guru ji refused to release from the fort alone because Guruji wanted to get rid of other prisoners imprisoned there too. Jahangir accepted Guru ji but he said that he should only release many kings As much as possible to catch them.

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diwali wishes in hindi

Such Jahangir had asked to reduce the number of people released from captivity. Guru ji also agreed Guruji made a special type of garments for himself which all the kings could hold. The 52 52 kings who were in captivity at the time of release were released and released by Guru ji. This day is also known as the day of the day of captivity.

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